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Golf is unique: it’s the only sport in which the Lowest Score Wins. Golfers have been inundated for years with advice and sayings intended to help them shoot lower scores, like “spend 50% of your time practicing your putting” or “you’ve got to be in the short grass.”

What if we told you that most of this popular advice was not true at all? That these myths are holding you back from reaching your potential and shooting the lowest score possible? That putting might be the least important skill in golf, that driving the ball far is much more important than driving it straight, and that Phil Mickelson might just be the best strategist on the PGA Tour?

Lowest Score Wins is NOT your classic golf book. We show you the new way to shoot lower scores — immediately. You’ll learn to use something called Separation Value to guide your practice and how you can use Shot Zones to help you determine your GamePlan for every shot you play. You’ll discover why typical course management strategy fails (hint: it only covers half of the equation). This book is the first of its kind. It is your own personal roadmap to shooting lower scores tomorrow. What are you waiting for?

Now Available! LSW 4-Video Set!

The concepts from the book that has been called “the greatest golf book ever written” have been expanded and are now available on video. We’ve taken the best-selling book and its proven analytics on-screen to make the information easier to understand and the ideas easier to execute.

Including BRAND NEW actionable advice, Dave and Erik come into your living room to give you detailed explanations of drills/games and practice sessions, animated charts, and discussions of hole-by-hole flyovers with on-course situations. Lowest Score Wins is not your father’s golf advice. The 4-video set is the first playing lesson of its kind… it teaches you HOW to play and and HOW to shoot EVEN lower scores, immediately!

… as one recent viewer said, “Separation Value and Decision Maps are the Moneyball of golf. This is a game changer!”

Local Clinics Available!

Lowest Score Wins is now available with select instructors in a 90-minute class! More information is found on our Clinics page.

Praise for Lowest Score Wins

Lowest Score Wins does not waste a second. It gets right down to telling you exactly how to do the #1 thing every golfer wants: to shoot lower scores.
Bob Ford

Head Professional, Oakmont CC/Seminole GC

Dave and Erik have taken a logical, unprecedented leap. How could someone not have told us this before? Buy this book and then read it twice!
Bob Koch

Former Tour Pro and Founder of Medicus Golf

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Golf is a completely unique sport. When we decided to write this book, we quickly realized that golf is virtually the only sport where the lowest score wins. It was this line of thinking that began to move us away from the conventional methods of improvement and allowed us to focus on what really counts: finding the most efficient way possible to shoot your lowest score.

Golf is also unique in just how many of its players — from Tiger Woods to the guy who can’t break 100 on his best days — are actively trying just about everything they can to improve. Yet, we feel that the tools available to them are limited. Though there are vast amounts of instructional videos, articles, and books, none have focused directly on lowering scores.

Until now.

The Video that Started it All

Note: some chapter titles have changed. 😉

About the Authors

Erik J. Barzeski

Erik J. BarzeskiErik J. Barzeski serves as the Director of Instruction at Golf Evolution and also as the Director of Instructor Development for 5 Simple Keys® at Medicus. He also owns one of the most widely trafficked and popular golf sites on the Internet, Erik has played over 100 tournaments as an amateur and professional and won more than 20 times. He has multiple science degrees and is always looking to apply the scientific method and approach to understanding and improving the entire game of his students.

David Wedzik

David WedzikDave Wedzik is a former and PGA Tour player who has played over 500 professional tournaments, including five trips to the biggest pressure cooker in all of sports: PGA Tour Qualifying School. His successes (and, many times, failures) provide a vast knowledge base from which to draw scoring expertise. Dave is also Worldwide Director of Instruction for Medicus Golf, as well as the owner of Golf Evolution in downtown Erie, PA. A member of the PGA of America since 1998, he was named the 2013 Western New York PGA Section Teacher of the Year.