Introducing the LSW 4-Video Set

The Lowest Score Wins!… and our brand new 4-video set will have you shooting lower scores in under three hours! We’ve taken our best-selling book and its proven analytics and brought them to your screen, making the information even easier to understand. This 4-video set includes over 2 ½ hours of BRAND NEW actionable advice to make you a better player, literally, as you watch it!

Dave and Erik come into your living room to give you detailed explanations of:

  • Separation Value
  • Drills and games to help you practice the skills that matter
  • Technique based practice sessions for every important skill in golf
  • Animated charts for the clearest explanations possible
  • Charting of your individual Shot Zones
  • Decision Mapping
  • GamePlanning with hole-by-hole flyovers
  • In-depth looks at on-course situations
  • How to increase your club head speed
  • … and a whole lot more!

Lowest Score Wins is NOT your father’s golf advice. It’s NOT the same old tired (and often WRONG) advice you’ve heard countless times before.

This 4-video set is the FIRST playing lesson of its kind! In less than the time it takes to play 18 holes we will show you exactly how to shoot even LOWER scores… we GUARANTEE it!

All this… for the low introductory price of $89!

Separation Value® - Practicing the Skills That Matter Using Drills and Games

In this video, Dave and Erik take a in-depth look at Separation Value and define it in the simplest way possible. They help you understand which skills matter most and why… and then show you drills and games to work on every important skill in golf.

Technique - How to Perfect the Skills That Matter Most

In this video Erik and Dave discuss the how-to aspect of the technique involved in perfecting the skills that matter most. This video is full of executable ideas to help you get better in your very next practice session!

Building Your GamePlan - Using Shot Zones to Create Decision Maps

In this video the guys get out on the course with you and use interactive maps, flyovers and detailed analytics to illustrate exactly how you can build your own Decision Maps and create GamePlans around them. The information in this video will have you playing better and shooting lower scores tomorrow.

Speed Kills - Increasing Your Clubhead Speed Is Easy

In this video Dave and Erik show you eight great drills and methods to increase your clubhead speed overnight. Easy to understand and execute this is the video to watch to start hitting the driver longer immediately.

Get the LSW Video Set Now!

As one viewer said, “Separation Value and Decision Maps are the ‘Moneyball’ of golf. This is a game changer!”

The LSW videos are available for immediate download from Vimeo at $89.