Lowest Score Wins is raking in the positive reviews as golfers – and golf instructors – are buying the book, using it in their teaching, and shooting lower scores than they ever have on the golf course.

Check out a few of the glowing reviews we’ve received already!

Just finished reading Lowest Score Wins. Great read and well organized. Without a doubt this will help players of all levels score better immediately as well as helping them determine a long term strategy for where to focus their attention during practice sessions.
Daniel Radatti

PGA Teaching Professional

What does it mean that I couldn’t put this book down? Great stuff! As expected Lowest Score Wins is insightful, actionable and organized. Lots to bring to lesson tee. Well done.
Corey Lundberg

Director of Instruction, Carlton Woods, Houston, TX, Golf Digest Best Teachers Under 40

Lowest Score Wins is one of the most influential golf books ever written. A must read for every golfer. Congratulations Dave and Erik.
Denis Pugh

PGA Master Professional, SKY TV Golf Analyst

Lowest Score Wins is easily the best golf book I’ve ever read. Unlike the majority of golf books out there which teach based on conventional wisdom and anecdotes, Lowest Score Wins teaches based on observable data, and does so in a practical manner. The book debunks common myths and cliches that have plagued golf instruction for countless numbers of years by approaching the game of golf in a scientific and analytical way. It is also written in plain English, with bits of humor thrown in. So, despite numerous statistics and references, it remains an easy read.

Bill Chao

Golfer, Review at TST

This is the most comprehensive golf strategy book out there.  I am already saving strokes on the course, and can’t wait to read the book a second time to see what I may have missed and reinforce what I have learned.

This book is a must read for every golfer serious about improving their game. This book takes what other statistical books have failed to do and has given us a practical application for game improvement.  If you follow through with what it says, your game will surely improve.

Nate McPherson

Golfer, Review at TST

If you want to improve your game NOW or improve as a coach, I feel this book is a must read. There is something for everyone to implement immediately.

Joe Mayo

Director of Instruction, TPC Summerlin, PGA Tour Coach