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Lowest Score Wins does not waste a second. It gets right down to telling golfers exactly how to do the #1 thing they want: to shoot lower scores.”


Bob Ford, from the Foreword
PGA Hall of Fame Member
Head Professional Oakmont CC and Seminole GC

You’ve heard from others that this book is the first of its kind. Now, see for yourself… that is unless you want to play golf at a complete disadvantage and continue wondering why you aren’t reaching your potential!

Lowest Score Wins provides a complete roadmap for golfers and explains, through a combination of techniques, stats and strategies, how to shoot lower scores immediately.

The book is comprised of three main sections. Since advancing the ball solidly is such a huge factor in shooting lower scores the first section addresses simple techniques to improve mechanics quickly. It is not a full blown instructional course but does layout specific methods to prioritize properly and hit short game shots properly and the ball more solidly. The latter sections of the book show golfers exactly how to build their own PracticePlan and GamePlan. These sections combine rich statistical analysis and strategies and explain exactly where golfers should spend their valuable practice time (and why), what pitfalls to avoid, and how to attack any golf course with a process called Decision Mapping. Most importantly these sections show every golfer how to take advantage of skills they ALREADY possess.

Lowest Score Wins is 240 printed pages long, and relatively dense with information. Prices listed below are for the paperback version of Lowest Score Wins. It’s the best $29.95 (or less) you’ll spend on golf this year, guaranteed.

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Buy the book that people are raving about:

“This has gotta be the best instructional offering in the history of golf books.”
“The beginning of the book is good but the rest of it is AWESOME!”
“Doesn’t waste a second. Gets right down to what every player wants: to shoot lower scores.”

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