Lowest Score Wins was the greatest golf book you’ve ever read, right? 🙂 Reading a single book changed your game for the better and changed your practice habits? Yes? Then imagine expanding on the important concepts, first hand, with an instructor personally trained by us (Dave and Erik). Starting this February, instructors will be teaching Lowest Score Wins clinics nationwide and it’s easy for YOUR instructor (as long as they’ve read the book) to be part of this quickly expanding group of top-notch, cutting-edge instructors.

It all starts during the 2016 PGA Show. For the first time, we will be offering instructors an opportunity to learn how to implement the principles from our best-selling book, Lowest Score Wins, with their students. We will conduct a first-of-its-kind presentation that will illustrate to instructors how to teach their students to shoot lower scores, with their current game (if you’ve read the book you know exactly what we mean). Only instructors who have attended this one-day training will be able to instruct this class for their students and be able to purchase the LSW Playbook and LSW Decision Maps for their students. Here’s a not-so-subtle hint: if you like LSW, tell your instructor that you’d take this class if he or she was offering it!

The student class we will train instructors to teach is under two hours in length, and it will cover every important principle from the book in an interactive setting unique to your home course(s). It will cost less than a typical lesson. The class will break plenty of long-held scoring “myths” and you will gain a thorough understanding of things like Separation Value as well as exactly how to create Shot Zones and Decision Maps.

Yeah, we’ve re-invented instructor training!

There are so many (expensive) certification and instructor training opportunities available that we thought there must be a better way to share the information with instructors so they could, in turn, share it with students and EVERYONE could learn the concepts that go directly to shooting lower scores. As it turns out, no, it’s not just about thinking positively on the course or being fit for the latest driver!

So, we removed the cost to instructors.

That’s right! We are not charging instructors a fee to attend this training presentation. Instructors pay NOTHING to attend and they are immediately authorized to teach the LSW class to their own student base. To cover the costs of offering clinics to their students, instructors only need to purchase the PlayBooks/Decision Maps that they will give to each student in their classes. We get to sell a few more books and reach more golfers… students (it could be you :-D) get an incredibly informative class with all the books and materials included, and instructors make a few dollars teaching the class. A true WIN-WIN-WIN if you’ve ever seen one.

Only instructors who have attended this training session will be able to instruct this class for their students and be able to purchase the LSW Playbook and LSW Decision Maps for their students. The response to this offering has been incredibly flattering and class sizes are limited so we’re asking that anyone interested please confirm their attendance and reserve a spot with Dave or Erik ASAP. Do yourself a favor, your fellow golfers a favor and, well, do us a favor by sharing this opportunity with your own instructor or any teacher you think may be interested. Thanks, and remember, the lowest score wins.

This class will be held at West Orange Country Club from 3-5:30 on Tuesday, January 26th. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today.

P.S. If you’re an instructor on Facebook, you can find out more about this FREE training class in the private group here.