We hope the title of this article got your attention… because in only the few minutes it takes to read we are going to give you important, ACTIONABLE, information which WILL have you shooting lower scores this season. First, let us assure you that the title wasn’t meant to be a mean spirited shot at your golf game but, rather, it was meant to make you aware of just how UNIMPORTANT fairway bunker shots (as one example) are to your ability to shoot lower scores (and later we’ll tell you about a few of the important skills that really matter). You see, fairway bunker shots have an extremely low Separation Value (SV: a measure of a skill’s potential to affect your score) and spending time attempting to improve your fairway bunker play is, for the most part, a waste of your time.

You are likely asking, “why do fairway bunker shots matter so little and how can this knowledge help me shoot lower scores”? The answer is based in a bit of golf “math” and the understanding of which skills really matter to your score. You see, even if you are so bad from fairway bunkers that you lose a full stroke every time you hit from one you simply don’t have the opportunity to hit these shots very often. Consider how few times you hit fairway bunker shots in an entire season of golf. Three times? Five times? Ten times? Because you hit so few fairway bunker shots you might only be able to save a few shots in an entire summer by improving your fairway bunker play.

In contrast, things like driving the ball, hitting approach shots or green reading (not all skills involve striking the ball – full list of skills is in the book) offer a much higher SV. Knowing which skills are most important and practicing them at a higher ratio will offer you a distinct advantage over other golfers and lead directly to shooting lower scores. The book, Lowest Score Wins introduces the aforementioned Separation Value and ranks EVERY skill in golf from highest SV to lowest SV using a, first of its kind, math based approach. Practice higher SV skills more often, don’t waste time on the lower SV skills… and shooting lower scores is guaranteed.

If you want many more details on the new way to shooting lower scores, immediately, grab the book Lowest Score Wins here. Not a big book reader? Check out the brand new Lowest Score Wins Class. The list of instructors now teaching it is available here.