Separation Value

The Lowest Score Wins instruction platform is governed by Separation Value.

Separation Value is a measure of a skill’s potential to affect your score. Our instruction will show you how Separation Value will shape the way you think on the golf course and how you practice. Separation value will change the way you see your golf game.

Here is a list of all the skills in golf ranked by Separation Value (SV):

SV④ Skills

  • Driving
  • Approach shots
  • GamePlanning

SV③ Skills

  • Green reading
  • Greenside shots

SV② Skills

  • 3-15 foot putts
  • 25+ foot putts
  • Greenside bunker shots
  • 20-60 yard shots
  • 220+ yard shots
  • Trouble shots

SV① Skills

  • Under 3-foot putts
  • 15-25 foot putts
  • Long bunker shots
  • Fairway bunker shots

Separation Value is comprised of the following four factors (SCOR)

  1. S: Strokes
  2. C: Ceiling
  3. O: Opportunities
  4. R: Related Skills

Separation Value is at the core of everything behind Lowest Score Wins. It’s the foundation for your practice plan, your GamePlan, and your Decision Maps. We look forward to working with you and showing you how a proper understanding of Separation Value will improve your game.