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  1. Great book that helped me better understand the best ways to practice.

  2. Being an Electrical Engineer, the stats really hit home. We (us golfers) don’t really want to admit that we aren’t as good as we think we are but the numbers don’t lie. Time to wake up and be honest with yourself about your TRUE skill level. Then decide, if you want to, to do something about it. Start with the strategies in the last couple of chapters and you can shoot lower scores today.

    Thanks Guys

  3. Best book I have read all year!

  4. Finally got the book and looking forward to reading through it and getting better scores. Always looking to improve.

  5. Make T-shirts with the book title and you and Dave’s names on it. Such a fantastic book. Very well written and an excellent tool for a novice or advanced golfer. Great job guys!

  6. I recently retired. I played softball/baseball for over 50 years. I just recently started taking golf seriously (my knees and wife told me to stop playing baseball.) I am serious about any sport I play and started taking lessons. My Pro teacher gave me the book as part of a lesson package. The very simple and straight forward information in this book was extremely helpful in learning proper mechanics for the game.

  7. Have played Golf for over twenty five years, have never reed or seen anyone explane Manageing Your Game and Course Like “Lowest Score Wins”.

  8. This is easily one of the top 5 golf instruction books I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot. I feel very fortunate to have found it, as it improved my performance, due to better course management, the very next day after I finished the book. It needs a much wider audience! Please get it onto Amazon.

  9. Sorry for this tedious question. When creating our shot-zones on the range (or in a long and flat fairway), the ball behaves differently after landing vs on the green. While I assume we should capture dispersion where the ball comes to rest, logic says “a 4i will land and roll on fwy much further than an on a green; whereas, an 8i in fwy will roll a lot less and might even stop within a few feet on a green”.

    Which should we be graphing?

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