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  1. Great book – i couldn’t stop reading it. I know it will help me become a better player and coach

  2. How can I change my password to something I can remember, instead of the one you assigned to me? Thanks, Jack Utley DMD. PS, Before I registered, I ordered 4 books from your web site. Paid with Master Card. Through Analyzr Golf. I am hoping this is legit. Please reply. Thanks, Jack Utley. PS. More wining. It would sure help your readers if you removed the quotation marks from the temporary password for book owners, ie. “Separation_Value”. It took me a while. Daaa. I thought the quotation marks were part of the password. Maybe it’s my technology level but I can putt. Great book. Go Erie and Dave Wedzik !

  3. Excellent book; a must for every golfer that is serious about improving; along with a season long coaching program based on Lowest Score Wins; I am now consistently shooting in the 70’s with my goal of shooting my age before I am 70 now in sight.
    Dennis Zukiwsky age 66
    Red Deer Alberta Canada

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